Feeling and looking your best

There are many occasions where you want and need to look your best. Graduation, Christmas party or work function? I offer special occasion & party makeup. Ensuring you look and feel truly stunning for any event.

I am capable of creating a variety of looks appropriate for any occasion you have planned. Special occasion & party makeup could be anything! a simple event that you are attending or simply going!

I encourage a calm environment in order for you to relax and let us do the work. Your ideas and desired looks are important to me, however I am able to offer a professional opinion on a look that would compliment you best.


Full glam party ready??

A classic smokey eye and a nude lip would do the job! Easily achievable – it’s all in the blending!

The smokey eye look is by far the most classic way to make you stand out.

Choosing the right colours for your eye colour and skin tone is essential!
A great rule of thumb to follow when picking the right colours is:

  1. If you have a olive skin tone, a slight warmer complexion go for warm and deeper tones as you can most likely carry more colour on your eyes. Try warm browns on your eyes, slightly more orangey/brown
  2. If you have slightly fairer skin and a cooler complexion, you will most probably suit cooler tones. Try going for brown tones that have a slighter cooler undertone – more like a browny/grey. (People with fairer skintones can absolutely pull off the warm colours too but it has to be done right and with subtlety.)

Another great quick way to jazz up your makeup is to add some glitter! Glitter is a great addition to any last minute makeup as it can make everything come together. There are some great glitters out there… unfortunately most of them tend to end up all over our face if not applied correctly! 🙁

A couple of tips to make your glitter last on your eyes:

  1. Get a nice good quality glitter. Fortunately with glitter there are so many out there but not all of them are good (not to mention some of them can actually be dangerous! Always check whatever you are buying is safe to use on your eyes) The Bobbi Brown sparkle shadows are great; they are pressed glitter pigments but are superfine so they won’t end up all down your face. You won’t even need a brush or a primer to apply them.
  2. Get yourself a good primer if you are using loose glitter pigments as they will need something to hold on to. Some people recommend lash glue for glitter. Only do this if the glitter is really chunky because if its fine enough the primer will do a much better job. The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is great as a base for any eyeshadow. If you really want to pack the glitter on, you could use their Heavy Metal Liquid Liners as base for your loose glitter.

Hope you have found these couple of tips useful.

If you have any questions or just want to learn more about colour & skin theory, feel free to drop me an email or a message on Facebook 🙂 .